Journal of Food Science and Human Nutrition (JFSHN)



Journal of Food Science and Human Nutrition (JFSHN) is a peer-reviewed, international journal published by GPR Journals. The scope of this journal include, but not limited to Human Appetite & Nutritional research, Clinical Nutrition & Practice,  Diet Therapy, Dietary Surveys, Drug & Protein Metabolism, Food Addiction, Food Analysis, Food & Nutrition Disorders, Food Chemistry, Food Engineering, Food Hygiene, Food Insecurity, Food Intolerance, Food Microbiology, Food Packaging, Food Poisoning, Food Preservation, Food Processing & Technology, Food Safety, GMO Food, Healthy Diets, Human Nutrition, Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Malnutrition, Molecular Gastronomy, Nutrition Deficiency & Treatment, Nutrition Therapies, Nutritional Assessment, Nutritional Disorders, Nutritional Epidemiology, Obesity & Weight Control, Parenteral Nutrition, Product Development & Production, Quality Assurance, Sensory Analysis, Vitamins & Minerals etc. JFSHN is rigorously peer reviewed by qualified nutritionists and food scientists to ensure authenticity of information published. This journal is open to all researchers, surgeons, clinicians and other health professionals who want to share their knowledge with other interested readers at a global scale. Manuscripts submitted to this journal are published online and can also be availed as hard copies upon author’s request. Papers can be submitted via email to or online submission.