GPR Journals uses an open-access publishing model rather than a subscription publishing model. An open-access publishing model provides an immediate, wide-reaching, and barrier-free access to research community papers thus making publications more discoverable by other readers. In an open access model, the publication costs of an article are paid from an author’s research grant, or by their sponsoring institution in the form of Article Processing Charges (APC). These Article Processing Charges replace subscription charges and allow publishers to make the full-text of every published article freely available to all interested readers. Additionally, authors retain the copyright of their work after publishing in open-access GPR Journals. The copyright is released under a “Creative Commons Attribution License,” enabling the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.

Publishing of manuscript involves many procedures like quality and plagiarism checks, locating peer- reviewers, proofreading, copy editing, formatting, web maintenance, etc. These tasks involve certain costs which are compensated to some extent by the article processing fee, paid by the authors. GPR Journals requires Article Processing Charges of USD 100 that is billed to the submitting author following the acceptance of an article for publication. Apart from the Article Process Charges, there are no other charges.  Upon request by the author, GPR Journals can provide a hardcopy print of the issue in which the author’s manuscript appears at a cost of 60 USD + transit fees. 

Refund Policy

Once an article has been accepted for publication, any Article Processing Charges on the article become due. The submitting author assumes responsibility for the Article Processing Charges, and GPR Journals will not issue refunds of any kind.