GPR Journals offers a smooth and simple publication process which entails the following stages;

Stage 1: After submission, the chief editor conducts an initial check on content adequacy and appropriateness, format, completeness, the publication status, plagiarism, and for machine generated manuscripts. Manuscripts are accepted or rejected at this stage and the author is immediately notified about the acceptability status. (Upon acceptance, a manuscript cannot be rejected at any later stage)

Stage 2: Once accepted, the author is issued with an informal acceptance letter and requested to pay the publication fee of USD 100. 

Stage 3: Once the publication fee is paid, the author is issued with formal acceptance letter and the manuscript undergoes a double-blind peer review process which takes a maximum of 10 days. 

Stage 4: The reviewers’ comments indicates the extent of changes to be done on the manuscript by the author. Author should keenly address the peer review comments.

Stage 5: The Chief Editor will notify the corresponding author about the likely publication date after the peer reviewer comments are addressed by the author. 

Stage 6: Once the manuscript is published, the Chief Editor will issue a publication link, a PDF copy, and publication certificate(s) to the corresponding author.

Stage 7: Upon request by the author, GPR Journals can provide a hardcopy print of the issue in which the author’s manuscript appears at a cost of 60 USD + transit fees. 

Note: The delivery time of hard copies to authors by postal office is between 21-60 days.