Journal of Health, Medicine, and Clinical Studies (JHMCS)



Journal of Health, Medicine, and Clinical Studies (JHMCS) is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary research, and international journal published by GPR Journals. The scope of this journal include, but not limited to Exercise & Self-care, Health Care Practices, Health Diagnosis, Mental Health, Nurse Training & Practice, Occupational Health, Physical Health, Public Health, Surgery, Technology in Medicine Manufacturing, etc. Additionally, this journal covers interdisciplinary research across the topics on Clinical Research, Health Policies as well as emerging technological development in medicine. JHMCS is rigorously examined by qualified doctors and nurses to maintain its reliability and authority. This journal is recommended for all topics relating to health, medicine, and clinical studies which are then published online and can also be availed as hard copies upon author’s request. Papers can be submitted via email to or online submission.